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A Covent Garden Mystery

A Covent Garden Mystery -  Jennifer Ashley, Ashley Gardner

Author: Ashley Gardner

Series: Captain Lacey #6

Rating: 4 stars


Too far into this series to do a synopsis without spoiling previous mysteries so I'll just go with my impressions. 


This is going to sound weird, but I really like how flawed everyone is in this series. The main character, Captain Lacey,  is so stinkin self-righteous, it's borderline annoying. But yet, it doesn't discourage you from dying to know what's happening in his life. It actually makes him more human and relatable rather than alienating you. The characters in this series are fleshed out, and they stay in their lane - so if they do something off you know you should take note. All this builds familiarity and makes me enjoy returning to these mysteries. 


The mystery itself was good. I couldn't figure out WHAT was going on there for a second. But the resolution is plausible. 


Just another enjoyable Captain Lacey mystery. So glad there's more. I believe Ms. Gardner is starting another historical mystery series due out soon which I will be reading as well.