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Netgalley Love

Pistol Fanny's Hank & Delilah - Annie Rose Welch An Untimely Frost - Penny Richards Split the Sun: An Inherit the Stars Novel - Tessa Elwood Murder on a Silver Platter (A Red Carpet Catering Mystery Book 1) - Shawn Reilly Simmons The Autumn Throne: A Novel of Eleanor of Aquitaine - Elizabeth Chadwick

Cleaning up my Netgalley queue and I couldn't resist. I am so weak. 


Looking forward to completing the trilogy with The Autumn Throne. Love Chadwick.


Untimely Frost looks promising as a historical mystery. And Cover Love! 


Split the Sun  is a follow up to a great YA sci fi novel I read last year. 


Murder on a Silver Platter is Henery Press so I found myself just hitting request.


Pistol Fanny's Hank and Delilah is an indie book, which I don't do often but the opening chapter was strong so I just had to.


Happy reading!