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Friday Reads!

A Torch Against the Night - Sabaa Tahir America's First Daughter: A Novel - Stephanie Dray, Laura Croghan Kamoie

A Torch Against the Night - I really enjoyed the first book in this fantasy YA series and this book is really good so far!  Tahir is one to watch, she spins a good yarn.


America's First Daughter - I've been itching to get back to historical fiction and this book has caught my eye. I previewed it and enjoyed what I read so I will start this one after I finish the other book.


This weekend is supposed to be COLD, and I have to shop for a dress for my brother's wedding. His fiancee has given us a lot of leeway, I just have to stick to certain colors. One of the many reasons I like her. 


What are you weekend plans/reading plans?


Happy reading!