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Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking - Carrie Fisher

When I learned that the woman who played the character I most wanted to be growing up passed away, I was heartbroken.


Later, when returning books at the library, I went and checked out Carrie Fisher's memoirs. My only explanation is it was suddenly important to me to remember what she wanted people to know about her. She had been through a lot and was very open about her addictions and her struggle with bipolar disorder. In fact, in this book  she spoke about the bravery it takes to live with this illness day in and day out. She hated the stigma attached to it. The Star Wars anecdotes were nice, but bringing attention to that struggle for those that suffer from it, reassuring them they are not alone and to not give up, was her message. Her life had its up and downs, but I applaud that.


She will be missed.