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The Second Empress

The Second Empress: A Novel of Napoleon's Court - Michelle Moran

Another enjoyable read from Michelle Moran. This author consistently writes historical fiction novels I enjoy.

I knew very little about Marie Louise, the second wife of Napoleon. This book paints her as a young princess forced into a marriage to keep the peace and save her family. The story is told from three different point of views - Marie Louise, Pauline (Napoleon's sister) and Paul a mixed race chamberlain who takes care of Pauline and Napoleon. I believe Paul's character is meant to shine light on Napoleon's involvement with slavery and his effect on Haiti. I'm not quite sure it was that effective. It did make me want to read more about what happened there, so I guess that's a win.

Napoleon is portrayed as crazy and terrifying. I've never seen him portrayed any other way so I didn't learn much new about him. The battles take place off stage, the focus of this book are the people surrounding him.

As usual, I did enjoy the chapters at the conclusion explaining what is fact and what Ms. Moran took liberties with. I was surprised at how much was actually fact.

I recommend this book for historical fiction fans. It was a quick, entertaining read.