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Friday Reads!

Assault and Beret - Jenn McKinlay The Two-Family House: A Novel - Lynda Cohen Loigman The Race - Nina Allan

Happy Friday!


This weekend is my brothers wedding aka I am losing my mind with stuff to do. But in a quiet moment I will be reading because reading calms me. 


I made it through a few on my TBR that I posted either by actually reading them or by DNFing them. That being the case a few books came in at the library that have to be back in 14 days so I strategically placed them in my TBR pile. 


But this weekend I will be reading Assault and Beret. I confirmed with Jenn Mckinlay who I follow on instagram, this is the last book in the series. Which stinks cuz I loved this series. SIGH. 


The Two Family House is next in the pile after that.  The opening chapter grabbed me a while back and I was up next on the waiting list at the library.


The Race is a sci-fi novel that looked interesting and different. My cover is a nifty, different and more sci-fi looking. I will try and use it when I actually read it- if it makes it past 50 pages.


Happy Reading! 


Update, here's my copy of the cover: