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Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once - Harlan Coben

OK. Let me start with this book was page turner. It was tense, The premise that this woman sees her supposedly dead husband playing with their daughter on the nanny cam a few days after his death hooked me. I will not deny that. The lure was great and for about two-thirds of the book it worked. Thus the three stars.


Then we get to ending of the story, the explanation, the denouement, the moment we have all been waiting for - and it literally made me face palm. "Really Coben?" I said out loud. No, just no. It's one of those endings that SHOULD make you go back and re-read the book to see how he pulled it off. Wondering at his genius. Instead I went, "If you say so..", finished, tossed the book and said, "NEXT!" 


It may have been that I did not like the main character. She was cold to me. I didn't really connect with her at all. But that bait was so good I kept reading to find out the answer...


Ugh. Well, Coben can write a decent thriller and I've enjoyed his other works. This one left me wanting.