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Killing Floor

Killing Floor  - Lee Child

Author: Lee Child

Series: Jack Reacher #1


I read a Jack Reacher novel about two years ago and enjoyed it. I always meant to come back and check out the series.


When looking for a reputable thriller series to sink my teeth into this year, I remembered that experience. I'm glad I did. This was a great book. 


Jack Reacher is ex-military. Been out for six months. He drifts into a town in Georgia and gets arrested eating breakfast. Being he hasn't done anything besides down some eggs, he figures he'll just clear things up and be on his way. Instead things just get worse. A LOT worse. This book nearly gave me a heart attack in places. Watching the pieces all come together was exciting. I did enjoy how all the random happenings wound up being connected. 


Jack Reacher is unbelievably talented to the point of implausibility. But ya know what, I didn't care. This was an enjoyable thriller.