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February - Reading My Own Books!!!!!

The Girl and the Sunbird: A beautiful, epic story of love, loss and hope - Rebecca Stonehill On Second Thought - Kristan Higgins Split the Sun: An Inherit the Stars Novel - Tessa Elwood Binti: Home - Nnedi Okorafor Calling Me Home - Julie Kibler A Likely Story - Jenn McKinlay
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As I mentioned,  I will be doing monthly themes to help with Mt. TBR.


This month I am limiting my reading to only books I own in a goal to work down the piles of books I have staring at me. I've included Netgalley in this cuz #obligations. Though, to be honest, the latest crop of books I've been approved for over there have me excited. 


Above are some books that are in my set TBR. I'm trying to stick to books that are rated over four stars ( at GR)  for the most part. And I will unabashedly DNF anything I chose. My days of trudging through books to say I finished it are over. I find  I'm a happier reader this way.


Books I am excited about: 


The Girl and the Sunbird by Rebecca Stonehill. If you haven't read Stonehill's The Poet's Wife - you need to. I highly recommend it. When I realized this was her next book I could not buy it fast enough.


On Second Thought - is women's fiction and the sample I read on Netgalley made me want to read it yesterday. It's about two sisters who suffer loss and have to come together. The writing(what I sampled) is witty and enjoyable.


Binti and Binti: Home  - I have heard sooo much about these two novellas and it's all been good. I miss reading sci-fi. So I'm diving back in.


Of course there are more books than you see here. I will try to update with reviews as time permits. I normally don't review DNFs unless they've really gotten under my skin.


What are you reading goals this month?


Happy reading!