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A Likely Story

A Likely Story - Jenn McKinlay

Author: Jenn Mckinlay

Series: Library Lover's Mystery #6

Rating: 3.5 stars


Being this is the 6th book in the series, I will keep it to impressions.  Our MC, Lindsey is trying to solve a murder of one of her patrons. She discovers him dead when dropping off his books.


1.  This love triangle is ridiculous. That last line annoyed me. 


2. That being said I loved the characters and setting. I want to live in this town. Though the crime rate is off putting...


3. The mystery was decent. You knew who it was, but the why was interesting.


4. Emma - the police chief and Medical Examiner Griffiths. I wanted to read more about them from one page of banter than I did Lindsey and Sully. Please make this happen.


All in all not a bad cozy read. I'm listening to the next book on audio.