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February Recap 2017

On Second Thought - Kristan Higgins My Not So Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella Elementary, She Read - Vicki Delany

I read ten books this month!   


Not bad. My month was unusually busy.


My Favorite Reads This Month: 


On Second Thought- great women's fiction. Just an enjoyable read.


My Not So Pefect Life - Again, nice chic lit that pleasantly surprised me.


Elementary, She Read- Enjoyable cozy mystery, Capturing what I love about the genre.



Two Most Disappointing Reads:  


One of the Boys All That's Left to Tell


These two books were both well written but so highly disturbing that I would never recommend then to anyone. I was trying to branch out of my reading comfort zone and strayed too far it seems. Live and learn. 


February TBR Update: 


In line with my goals for February, I managed to greatly reduce my physical TBR. This was actually spurred on by a desire to simplify and organize my life. I didn't just do it with books.  I also did a capsule wardrobe, reducing the clothes I own to under 40 interchangeable pieces. I had been reading a lot about this idea of minimalism and decided to follow some of the principles and  just do it.  The idea spilled over into other aspects of my life including books. I have completely gone through my entire book collection. I have donated and given away a LOT of books this past month. My shelves look under control and I kept books I only really want to read. I must say I enjoyed the process. And I liked picking out books for my friends as surprise, just cause gifts. That was definitely my favorite part. :)


Since the TBR is under control, I've relaxed on the whole MUST READ MY OWN BOOKS mantra. So for March, while I will still be reading some books I own, I will definitely be visiting my library. (Oh how I have missed it!) Buuuuuut I will limit the amount of books I take out to a maximum of 4 at a time. We won't get into how many I was doing before. And I have resolved to only buy when I'm ready to read. To be balanced when it comes to this, part of my organizing process has been signing up for favorite authors on ereaderiq so when Louise Penny or Lois McMaster Bujold go on sale I don't miss out.  I have read this method has helped other bibliophiles keep things under control. Also, for the month of March, I miss science fiction/fantasy so I will definitely be reading some to make up for it. I will post my March TBR tomorrow.


Looking forward to reading everyone's February recaps and March TBRs. They always brighten my day. :)


Happy reading guys!