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Mystery Science March 2017

Knight's Shadow - Sebastien de Castell Saint's Blood (The Greatcoats) - Sebastien de Castell Defy the Stars - Claudia Gray Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem - Lois McMaster Bujold Kneaded to Death - Winnie Archer Murder at an Irish Wedding (An Irish Village Mystery) - Carlene O'Connor Edgar and Lucy: A Novel - Victor Lodato Single Malt Murder: A Whisky Business Mystery - Melinda Mullet
— feeling excited

So I'm excited for the month of March!


Aside from what I'm presently reading, here are some of the things in the TBR. 


As you can probably tell, there is some science fiction/fantasy picks in there. I was going through withdrawal.  And one can't go back to reading the genre without a Vorkosigan novel.  I've also decided to continue with the Greatcoats series as the first book was a five star read. 


I've thrown some mysteries in there as well as I've gotten back into reading them and have been enjoying myself.


Edgar and Lucy was an impulsive Netgalley pick last month. My literature picks off Netgalley have been mediocre at best, but this one was well reviewed. So I'm gonna try. 


Happy reading!