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Decluttering At the Speed of Life

Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff - Dana White

Author: Dana K. White

Rating: 5 stars


Why am I giving a book on clutter 5 stars? Cuz of statements like this:


"I know these things are obvious, and I would have said they were obvious to me too. But I wasn't living like they were obvious."


That statement is not just about clutter. It can be applied to principles or life lessons we are reluctant to accept. It was an "Aha!" moment and helped me in an unrelated situation I was facing. Truth is truth - no matter where you find it. But I digress...


This book has some solid advice on how to declutter your home. Decluttering, Ms. White stresses is different than cleaning, and she explains why in this book. She talks to you as a friend giving you some hard-won advice. I like how she addresses your snarky self. The snarky backtalk of that doubtful, sarcastic self who hates change and wants to continue in what's comfortable.   


What I really enjoyed about this book was Ms. White recognizes there is often an emotional component to clutter. She does this on a personal level, getting into the emotions people experiencing as they try to get rid of clutter. Where the book really elevated itself was in its chapters on helping others. I recently helped someone declutter their home. And Ms. White states so clearly what I had to learn in the moment - the person I was helping wasn't reluctant to get rid of papers and things because she was blind as to how it looked ... but because these papers and things belonged to a husband she loved dearly who had passed away. Going through those things and changing how he left them meant reliving memories. It meant grief. So I cried and shared memories and yes, we did make headway on the clutter. Respecting the emotional component is what Ms. White stresses. I applaud that. 


Also, there's this gem about  knowing your boundaries when helping those close to you:


"You may have been invited to help. You may have been begged to help. But today is not the day that you get to fix this person you've always wanted to fix. It's the day just to declutter."



She does address actual hoarding, as well as knowing when to step back and realize your frustration is not helping the situation.  Again the emotional component.  Another section on what to do when you want to declutter but your spouse doesn't. Just practical advice on real-world situations. 


Overall I highly recommend this book on decluttering.


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. The opinion that I'm glad I randomly requested it through Netgalley cuz its a dang good book on clutter is purely my own.