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Can't Help Myself

Can't Help Myself: Lessons & Confessions from a Modern Advice Columnist - Meredith Goldstein

Our author upon seeing her ex after a brutal breakup:


He wore his eveyday khakis and button-down suit shirt and chatted with coworkers with an easy smile on his face. I'd hide behind the cafeteria plants thinking, "How dare he. How dare he eat."


I laughed out loud reading this, thinking of my own irrational responses to heartache.


I thoroughly enjoyed this memoir.  


Meredith Goldstein has an advice column called Love Letters for The Boston Globe. This book recounts how it began and includes some of those letters and their responses.  That alone made for good reading.  Who hasn't been in love or struggled in a relationship?  Who hasn't experienced unrequited love and/or had problems letting go and moving on?  Reading other peoples experiences lets us see that, for the most part, we aren't crazy- we are human. 


This book also includes anecdotes from Ms. Goldstein's love life as well as how the column helped her when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. I didn't always agree with Ms. Goldstein's advice - but she was open and honest and ... human. This book had a lot of humor in it. I also cried at parts. It's not often a book makes me run such an emotional gamut. 


Overall I definitely recommend. 


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.