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My Dead Parents: A Memoir

My Dead Parents: A Memoir - Anya Yurchyshyn

...but my parents had secrets, and I didn't know everything about the world we shared. We were operating with different maps. Mine had blank spaces, entire continents I'd never heard of.



This book. Wow.


From the book blurb, I gathered that this is the memoir of Anya whose father was killed in a car crash and whose mother drank herself to death years later. Anya learns that her father's car crash may not have been an accident and sets out to investigate.  


This memoir is about that. Kinda. The car crash and subsequent investigation she does is an important part of the latter half of the story. The first half of this book is Anya's childhood and teen years. It was troubled and riveting. I could not put it down. Anya pulls you in as she battles her fear of her father's verbal abuse and as she deals with her mother's drinking and inability to protect her.  Anya is no angel through all this, understandably lashing out. But she is humble in that she does not hide her flaws or actions or try to justify them.  


About halfway through the book, Anya begins to learn of her parent's history, their troubled backgrounds and her view of them changes. It's hard to come to the place of understanding and empathy that she reaches and Anya effectively makes you feel her change of emotions. During the course of the book, events are learned that explained her father's actions that you read about in chapters previous. What stood out to me was Anya doesn't say so THIS is why my father acted out. She knows you realized it the second you read it, just as she did when she heard it. Instead, she focuses on the changes it brings about in helping her to understand her parents and her own life choices. 


This book is not for everyone. It is troubling. It does have an instance of animal cruelty - which is as far as I will elaborate. I was horrified over the instance and heartbroken over the reason. 


I gave this book five stars because it was so riveting that you could not look away, yet so honest and stayed with me emotionally.  It really was about a daughter seeking to understand her parents.




I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.