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Present over Perfect

Present Over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler, More Soulful Way of Living - Shauna Niequist, Brené Brown

Hmmm.  What to say about this book.


I liked the idea of it. I liked that she encouraged people to live in the moment and stop chasing after things to make them happy.  I liked that she was open and honest about her own struggles with doing this. 


What didn't I like?I was under the impression that this was a self-help book. It is not a self-help book - it's a memoir. If you want a how-to, then you probably should google it or look elsewhere. This is just her talking about the fact that she did it. For about 200+ pages. It got repetitive. It's heavy on religion regardless of what blurbs and reviews say, so if you don't want to be preached to from her religious point of view you may want to pick up another book on the topic. I'm religious and felt it was a bit heavy-handed. 


Overall three stars cuz the writing was decent and the message was positive.