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Friday Reads 1.5.2017

When Christ and His Saints Slept - Sharon Kay Penman Morning Star - Pierce Brown The Stowaway: A Young Man’s Extraordinary Adventure to Antarctica - Laurie Gwen Shapiro

It's supposed to be crazy cold this weekend which means ... TIME TO READ BOOKS! 


I started When Christ and His Saints Slept.  Very different feel from the other Penman books I have read, but enjoyable nonetheless.


My next choice is Morning Star. I have been trying to finish this series for a while now. The books are so emotional I feel like I have to pump myself up to read them. Hopefully this time it will stick. I do want to know what happens with Darrow and the rest of the Red Rising universe. 


My nonfiction choice is The Stowaway - true story about a teenager who sneaks on a boat to head to Antarctica. 


This weekend we will be headed out to see an orchestral performance of science fiction movie themes at a local theater hall. I got the hubby hooked on these when we went to see Star Wars: Return of the Jedi live in concert in NYC. The Philharmonic did an amaaaaaaaaaaazing job and the energy from the audience was just as enjoyable as the performance.


Happy reading!