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A Study In Death

A Study in Death - Anna Lee Huber

Author: Anna Lee Huber

Series: Lady Darby Series # 4

Rating: 3.5 stars


This was an enjoyable read. I did like that we got to see Kiera and Gage prepare for their wedding by addressing issues in their relationship rather than focusing on the dress. It was realistic and romantic. Though I no doubt will be reading the novella A Pressing Engagement with a smile.


The tension provided by her sister's pregnancy was well done. I like Philip and Alana as characters so I had a real worry about how the birth of their next child would affect them.


The mystery overall was well done. I thought it was someone else, so I was surprised. The Bonnie Brock involvement adds just the right amount of tension to Gage and Kiera's love story.  His motivations for still engaging with Kiera go beyond a debt because of her help I think. And I don't know what Ms. Huber plans on doing with him in the future. It leaves me unsettled but in a way that will keep me reading the series.


Overall, I recommend this series.