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A Death in Nofolk

A Death in Norfolk - Ashley Gardner

Author: Ashley Gardner

Series: Captain Lacey Mysteries #7

Rating: 3.5


A solid installment in the Captain Lacey series. I hadn't read this series in a while and now I remember why I was so crazy about it. 


The mystery was excellent. There are two mysteries going on in this book. A mysterious disappearance of a young girl many years prior and the disappearance of one of James Denis' men. Denis, who is Lacey's archenemy turned frenemy, is handled nicely. He is still a gray, mysterious character and in this book, you get to know more about his background. Though you can empathize with Denis, you are reminded in no uncertain terms that he is still a very dangerous man. I had not clue how either mystery would resolve, and it kept me turning the pages. 


On the personal front, Lacey is settling in nicely with his love interest. To say more than that would be spoilers for the previous books, but I like her. I love the secondary characters as well.  There is some insight as to Lacey's background which was surprising. I like the layers Ms. Gardner adds to the characters. This is a reliably good historical mystery series for me and it is still going strong as installments are coming out every year. I look forward to the next one.