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Murder in Bloomsbury

Murder in Bloomsbury: An Atlas Catesby Mystery - D. M. Quincy

Author: D.M. Quincy

Series: Atlas Catesby  #2

Rating:  A Solid 3.5 stars


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. 


This was a solid follow up to Murder in Mayfair. 


In this installment, our main character and gentleman Atlas Catesby is called on to help solve the mystery of the death of a footman. The footman is the brother of Lilliana's maid, Lilliana being the woman and now "Lady Roslyn" that Atlas helped save in the first book. The brother died with a belly full of arsenic. The mystery takes some interesting twists and turns, with me suspecting everyone who crossed the page at one point. It was well done. The author's notes indicate that this particular mystery is based on a little-known court case at the time.  I thought this was great. At the end, it was interesting reading the comparisons between what actually happened and what she took liberties with. Truth is stranger than fiction. 


On the personal front, Catesby is struggling with his feelings for Lilliana. Due to his station, he does not think himself worthy of her. This dilemma plays out with the characters in the mystery as well - and the parallels played off each other nicely. The will they/won't they pull of their relationship was well done. There was an interesting subplot involving Catesby's best friend and Catesby's sister that carried over from the last book.  I'm curious as to where that storyline is going.  I guess we will see what happens as the series continues. 


Reading all the "rules" of English society made me grateful I was not around as I would never be able to keep them straight.


Overall a good mystery. Between the two books, a solid start to a historical mystery series. I'll be reading the next one.