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Searcher of the Dead

Searcher of the Dead: A Bess Ellyott Mystery - Nancy Herriman

Searcher of the Dead

Series: Bess Elliot Mysteries#1

Rating : 3 stars


This historical mystery set in Elizabethan England was a slow read. It’s about a young widower named Bess who is an herbalist. She is living with her brother after fleeing London because her husband was murdered. Long story short, a murder takes place in Bess’ family that she sets out to solve… well kinda. She and the local constable do equal parts sleuthing as you bounce back and forth between their points of view.


The mystery was good in and of itself. I did not suspect who it turned out to be. And this book contained a lot of historical notes of the time such as the hiding of Jesuit priests and the subsequent punishment.  Also, I did not know, or maybe I just didn’t remember that if you failed to attend church back then you were fined or worse. Talk about the church having power.


Anyways, the read was slow. It wasn’t bad… just slow. My interest kept waning at times. Though I never considered DNF’ing it.


So I gave it three stars. I might continue with the series if the synopsis for the next book entices me.


I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.