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The Cruel Prince

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The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) - Holly Black

Author: Holly Black

Series: The Folk of the Air #1

Rating: 5 stars


I hadn’t read a YA book in a while. I also hadn’t read a fantasy book in a while. I had watched a review of this book on YouTube and it piqued my interest. So I thought I would give it a try.


I am glad I did.


This is a great, twisty YA novel about Fae court and intrigue, changing alliances and the young human girl caught in the middle who wants so badly to be accepted in the Fae world. Did I mention that world murders her parents before her eyes… in the opening chapter?


No? Yeah, this book is expert at delivering the unexpected. And it is littered with grey characters. Who is good? Who is bad? The story never allows you to hate anyone completely - or favor anyone without reservation.  Agendas abound and very few are who they appear to be.


The twists! The end of Book One left me reeling. The end of the book- that twist - nope didn’t see it coming.


I can see why everyone is so excited about this book. Once I started it, I stopped reading anything else til it was done. I finished it in two days- probably would have been one if work hadn't gotten in the way.


I recommend it if you are fans of the Court of Thorns and Roses series. This is a bit dark but it’s really good.