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What Remains of Heaven

What Remains of Heaven - C.S. Harris

Author: C.S. Harris

Series: Sebastian St. Cyr #5

Rating: 5 stars


This was a great installment to the series.


This time around the mystery involves two murders - their bodies are discovered in a crypt, but they were killed years apart. Sebastian is brought in by his aunt to figure out what is going on... and we are off! There were plenty of red herrings and great incorporation of actual history such as the Slave Trade Act of 1807 and the inclusion of William Franklin, Benjamin's son. Throughout the mystery, you get a feel of what England thought about the newly formed United States. In her author notes, Harris states that she took the character's statements from journals, speeches, letters of the time. Eye- opening.


On the character front, Sebastian's life just got a whole lot more complicated. He has found out information that changes everything he knew about himself. Also, Hero reappears. I loved how she was always one step ahead of him, even in the end. Her independent spirit and intelligence really added to the story. I enjoyed seeing them together on the page as she matches wits with Sebastian perfectly,


Definitely recommend.  Looking forward to the next one.