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— feeling angry
Renegades - Marissa Meyer

I can't do it. 


I just can't.


I tried. I DNF'd it yesterday and then picked it up cuz the book was expensive, I don't have the receipt, and I really like Marissa Meyer.


But nothing is happening!


Storywise this moves like a snail. The first 200 pages could have been a well-edited novella of maybe 70 pages.


Also, this story has been done before! It reminds me of Steelheart only in that book - THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 


And another thing - you know that picture Marvel took a couple days ago of all the superheroes? Well, imagine someone writing about all of them in 200+ pages. That's right. TOO MANY CHARACTERS. How am I supposed to care about anyone when there are 10 characters on a page all with different abilities? I need a chart. I SHOULDN'T NEED A CHART.


WHY IS THIS BOOK SO LONG?????? It's 552 pages! Did she lose a bet?


I can't. No more. 


*rant over*