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BookCon Update


As requested! 


So these are the books I picked up at BookCon. Now there were plenty of other ARCs and free book signings I didn't want to stand in line for. I was too wired. I wanted to SEEEEE everything.


I also got an Owlcrate tote which they gave away free with a book. I got two since my husband dutifully stood in line with me and got one.  I also got two more free totes. 


Plenty of decent bookmarks were handed out as well. The books that weren't free were priced well. A few had $5 for paperbacks and $10 for hardcovers. Not bad. 


The Con had all things books. BookBeau was there. There was also a display that had book inspired case holders for your phone that were leather and just beautiful.   There was also a The Strand display with their totes, book t-shirts, socks, etc.  There was a booth with book-inspired jewelry, candles and the like.


It was nice watching young people walk up to each other and ask what kind of books they liked, swapping Instagram handles.  The best story was one I saw on Instagram while I was posting pics. You can read about it here. I was impressed by Tahereh Mafi.  Oh which brings me to another point. Know what your fave authors look like if you want to just say hey, cuz some of them were wandering the floor but were able to go incognito. 


My fangirl moment came when I saw Victoria Schwab. I loved Vicious.  I just missed M.C. Beaton who was there very early on for a signing in a booth. Next year I will pay attention to the line up that is not on the main stage. There were some decent signings at the booths like Jenny Han, Schwab, Orson Scott Card, MC Beaton, L. Penelope, Omar Epps ( frankly I just wanted to talk to him about House)  that wasn't in the crowded autographing area. 


I would definitely recommend BookCon. It's 2 days - we went for one. Sunday had James Patterson and Bill Clinton who co-wrote a book as well as some other big names. I can't imagine the security for that day though. 


It was nice to see the things you blog about, or things talked about in the book community in physical form. They had different panels about everything from diversity to nonfiction to just mysteries. Listening to topics we blog about and read about within the sphere of the book community was really nice.