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Engaged in Murder

Engaged in Murder - Nancy J. Parra I loved the premise of this book. Ex-event planner, Pepper Pomeroy, looks to start a business planning wedding proposals and solves a mystery as she does. I liked the idea of the "proposal planner", so I was rooting for the book's success. Does it succeed? For the most part, yes.

LIKED: The investigation. Unless they're done by police officers, I hate reading full-on interrogations by amateur detectives in mysteries. I used to work in interview and interrogations in the private sector. During training, you're told one of the top reasons someone will not confess to you is because they don't like you. So when I read in cozy mysteries how the main character approaches absolute strangers and starts in with a "WHERE WERE YOU ON SUCH AND SUCH NIGHT?" and, better yet, people respond to this, such nonsense annoys me. I've abandoned some well-liked series because of this tendency. Surprisingly, that's not what was done in this story...for the most part. It was closer to the "truth" so to speak, and I appreciated that.

Names. Pepper Pomeroy. Warren Evans. Jeb Donaldson. They just roll off the tongue.

The story itself. Though not perfect, it was entertaining. The mystery was engaging enough to keep me reading until the end.

DIDN'T LIKE: The beginning. Something seemed... off. Pepper's nervousness and quirks were a touch annoying. This seemed to fade after about the 5th chapter and I was able to just enjoy the story.

Descriptions -if that's the proper word. I don't need to know what everyone is wearing from head to toe every time they appear on the page. It was distracting after a while.

The characters weren't as well developed as I would've liked - but then again this is the first in a series, so maybe I shouldn't nit pick. I did like them enough to keep reading though.

Overall this was a pretty good start to the series. It's a 3.5/5 for me.