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Tome in the Background...

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell, Pat Conroy

I like reading huge doorstopper books.


I do not like reading them while I have nothing else going or I get impatient. I can love the story. I will just want to read other things to take a break.


I bought a copy of this book at the used books store because it's a classic and though I've seen the movie, I've never read it. It did win the Pulitzer and it seems like a book I should read.


Upon starting it, it is very readable - save for the mammy, pappy talk of the slaves. My mind has to work to read it, same as when I first learned Chinese and struggled to understand what was being said to me. I was told the book was racist. I can't disagree. Some things make my hair stand on end. Not so much the telling of what happened, such as in books like the Kitchen House, but the impression given that well, this is just the way it is as if Mitchell tried to show the "good" part of slavery.  Um.  As an African-American my stomach was little queasy.


Still, I'm gonna read and finish this. This is my tome of the moment.