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Alpine for You - Maddy Hunter

A TRIP TO DIE FOR...Accompanying her grandmother on a seniors tour of Switzerland, Emily Andrew had envisioned a vacation straight out of a travel brochure: spectacular scenery, great food, and a classy European hotel, all worlds away from her rural Iowa hometown. But her dream trip quickly snowballs into mayhem when smooth-talking tour escort Andy Simon is found dead. To be sure, Andy was as randy as a mountain goat on Viagra, hitting on every miss -- Swiss or otherwise -- within striking distance. His constant advances were driving Emily cuckoo -- but had someone orchestrated his untimely death?

For savvy, resourceful Emily, leading the tour in Andy's place is only natural. But she can't remain neutral when a fellow traveler takes a fatal plunge -- she's convinced a murderer lurks among them. With precision timing, sexy Etienne Miceli steps in to investigate, and Emily warms to the suave detective. Still, with the group roster suddenly sprouting more holes than the local cheese, Emily wonders: is there a safe haven anywhere in the shadow of the Alps?


Cozies that take place in different locales like Switzerland and Ireland being the premise? Sign me up!


This book takes place in Switzerland and I enjoyed all the info regarding the country and the sites the group was visiting. Emily was a likable character. The antics of the tour group were a plus and made this read enjoyable. The mystery was a bit predictable but the characters and the unique setting made up for it. 


This is an oyster book so I can read the rest of the series under the subscription which makes me happy.


The next one looks like takes place in Ireland so I'm on board.