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Pretentious...but not bad.

A Dangerous Talent - Charlotte Elkins, Aaron Elkins

Alix London is an art consultant whose father went to jail for art forgery. Naturally this causes others to question her legitimacy when it comes to her profession. She is hired to consult on a painting believed to be a formerly unknown Georgia O'Keeffe. Seems like a straight forward task until someone tries to kill her and people around her start turning up dead.


I loved learning about the art in this book. She mentioned Inopportune by Cai Guo-Qiang which is in Seattle. Her description made me look it up:


That's not a picture of a picture, it's a picture of an actual display wherein cars are suspended above you in various stages of a crash. Found it fascinating.


I enjoyed the other references to art as well. But the culture? Dear me. There was a snobbery to it, displayed even by the main character throughout the book. It was a turn-off.


The mystery carries you along, I had an inkling who it was.  But there were enough red herrings to keep you guessing.


I enjoyed this book.  I will probably read the next one. It was a good walking book. The pace of the story was such that I looked forward to listening to it every morning. I got it on Kindle Unlimited and it came with the audio which I appreciated. The audio was well done, though the narrator attempted a Boston accent that made me  a touch suicidal.