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The Museum of Literary Souls (A Short Story)

The Museum of Literary Souls - John Connolly

Mr. Berger has spent thirty-four years keeping his life as empty as possible. His job title as a closed accounts registrar doesn't spark much interest, and his cautious flirtation with a woman at his company was cut short upon her engagement to another man. This doesn't bother him, however, as he much prefers the company of books to that of people. When a series of fortuitous events leads to an early retirement in the English countryside, Mr. Berger is content to spend the remainder of his years nestled comfortably between the pages of a book. But fate has other plans.


I loved this short story!



Mr. Berger is witness to a woman throwing herself in front of a train. Disturbed, he calls the police. When they can find no trace of the woman, the police tell him he's possibly hallucinating as a result of the trauma of recently losing his mother.  Mr. Berger, sure of what he saw, embarks on an investigation. 


What follows is a great story filled with literary references..


Mr. Berger's investigation takes him to a mysterious library. My favorite scene is when Mr. Berger enters the Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository for the first time. He is there to talk about a relatively serious issue and yet is completely distracted by the books on the shelves. And what's more, as a fellow bibliophile, you are just as distracted as he is. When the librarian pulls him back to the matter at hand, I felt almost jolted.


I actually smiled as I read the last page. 


Highly recommend this one for anyone who loves books.