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A Cruise to Die For

A Cruise to Die For - Aaron Elkins, Charlotte Elkins

In this second book in the series, Alix London goes undercover on a cruise to the Greek Isles to expose a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme involving forged paintings. Her handler is, of course, Ted Ellesworth, FBI special agent and her possible love interest. Also available to help her are her ex-convict father Geoff, previously convicted of art forgery, and his amusing associates, also ex-convicts.


For 75% of this book, I listened to the audio by Kate Rudd. What a brilliant job she did this time around! She nailed the accents and really made the narrative come alive. The audio for this series is definitely worth checking out.


Overall, I am enjoying this series. I liked Alix more in this book. Her strained relationship with her father is at the heart of the series thus far. I like the way it’s being handled. The pretentiousness is still ever-present in the story, but the colorful characters off-set it nicely. I enjoyed looking up the art used in the book as well as the education as to how the art world functions. The methods used to create forgeries are nicely explained and well-researched.


The mystery is not earth shattering, the signs are all there for you to put the pieces together. But the overall story is strong enough that I didn’t mind realizing I knew who did it about half way in.


The “connoisseur’s eye” business is a touch annoying. Basically it’s a sixth sense someone has when looking a painting to tell if it is real of a forgery. Apparently Alix has it and much fuss is made about it throughout this book and the previous one. I can’t put my finger on why I found it annoying but I did. I can see it will be handy in the future to explain how Alix gets entangled in other mysteries.


A good story. Enjoyable read. I do recommend it being it’s better than your average cozy and the audio is well done. Will be checking out the next in the series.