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The Murder Pit


Daisy Savage and her husband Jake bought a fixer upper in Moose River,  MN.  They are newlyweds and just moved in with their blended family.  While trying to repair frozen pipes,  they stumble across a coal chute and -  you guessed it- a dead body.  Being Daisy knew the victim,  naturally she is a suspect and thus an amateur sleuth is born.


I enjoyed The Murder Pit.  It was a quick, fun read,  which is just what I needed.  


The small town feel is here,  which was nice.  The kids are funny and entertaining.  The author Jeffrey Shelby also writes the Stay at Home Dead series and this book is very much so in the same vein.  Strong family unit,  small town,  funny antics.  


The mystery was ok,  nothing earth shattering.  The characters and the humor move the story along nicely.  


Overall an enjoyable read.  The second book is already out so it will go on my TBR.