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Operation Cowboy


I had no idea this happened. Had no idea Disney had made a movie about it, albeit one that was historically inaccurate and did not do well financially. The idea that American and Nazi soldiers had cooperated to save valuable horses from destruction at the end of WWII surprised me.  Russian soldiers were advancing- they were starved and had no qualms about using horses for food. The horses in danger were considered the most beautiful and valuable steeds in the world. One such breed, the Lipizanners, were considered the steeds of royalty.


The Nazis in question that helped  save these animals were the vets mainly. They risked their lives to strike a deal and appeal to the American soldiers to save the animals.


I really appreciated reading this account. It was well researched and well written.  I recommend it, the story stirred a lot of emotions - heartbreaking, touching, thought -provoking.