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Timebound (The Chronos Files Book 1)

Timebound - Rysa Walker

Writing a time-travel story is hard.


Keeping track of alternate time lines. Coming up with plausible time-travel theories. Being able to bounce back and forth between times and not lose the story's "voice". 


Rysa Walker pulls it off nicely.


There's a nifty medallion involved. Fading photographs Back to Future style. Receivers that allow you to take things back and forth between alternate times.


The villian, whose name I shall not reveal so as not to spoil the many twists this book has, has the nifty idea to use time travel to gain power. How? He forms his own religion, called "Cyrists". He has the ability to "prophesy" because he can travel through time. His followers tithe and then are blessed by being told where "God" wants them to invest the rest of their money - of course, being a time-traveler, he knows which companies will succeed and fail. The premise works. These Cyrists start murdering and manipulating time to prevent anyone from stopping them and this is where our MC comes in.


Kate Pierce-Keller is introduced to this world through her grandmother who tells her that she has the ability to travel through time and that she is "special", the only one who can stop the Cyrists. Why and how? I don't want to spoil it for you. You'll have to read.


Things I didn't like? There is the obligatory YA love triangle. Sigh. And one part of the triangle's meet cute is completely implausible to me. Also, some of the characters monologue like nobody's business.  But neither of these things got in the way of enjoying the story.


Kate Rudd narrates and she does a stellar job as usual. Though her adult Irish accent needs work. She really makes the story come alive.


The next book comes out in October and I will definitely be along for the ride.