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Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus - Laila Ibrahim

Another beautiful book.


I rarely cry at books. I rarely read two 5 – star books back to back. Yet both theses rarities have happened in the past 48 hours. This book made me smile. It made me cry. At one point I was on pins and needles, I was so shocked by something I said, “Noooo!” out loud. My poor, confused mother walked into the room to give me a worried side eye. Seeing I was just reading a book, she shook her head and went back to her own reading.


I can best describe this book as a story about the relationship between Mattie, a slave wet nurse and her charge Elizabeth. Mattie is taken away from her infant son and family to take care of Elizabeth. Mattie basically raises Lisbeth and Lisbeth loves Mattie like a mother, so Lisbeth does not understand the rules put upon their relationship and the biased and unkind treatment of Mattie. On an outing, Mattie and Lisbeth bond and Mattie teaches Lisbeth about the yellow crocus, which is a flower that blooms at springtime. Thus the title. As Lisbeth grows, she is expected to adopt her parent’s ways of viewing slaves and she finds that hard on her conscience. You’re taken on quite the journey in this book. I found it very emotional. There is a lot of talk about babies. Babies being born as well as breastfeeding are described in detail. All of it handled in a respectful way. The author, I gleaned from the bio in the back of the book, I believe is a midwife and you can tell she finds everything about the process beautiful and miraculous. She’s able to convey that on the page and it’s worth taking note. There’s a difficult birth and the author, because of her extensive knowledge, writes it in such a way that it makes the birth as suspenseful as any thriller I have read. It was well done.


I highly recommend this one.