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Is it wrong to want to read a series based on covers alone?

The Paris Affair - Teresa Grant The Berkeley Square Affair - Teresa Grant

I love these covers!


A historical mystery series about a husband/wife spy team in Regency London? Sold!


Update: I had to hunt down the chronological order of these books.  Publishing order is apparently different.  


His Spanish Bride (enovella) – December 1812 (Malcolm/Suzanne)
--Vienna Waltz – November 1814 (Malcolm/Suzanne)
--Imperial Scandal – June 1815 (Malcolm/Suzanne)
--The Paris Affair – July/August 1815 (Malcolm/Suzanne)
--The Paris Plot (novella) - 1816 (Malcolm/Suzanne)
--Beneath a Silent Moon – June/July 1817 (Charles/Melanie)
--The Berkeley Square Affair - 1817 (Malcolm/Suzanne)
--Secrets of a Lady – November 1819 (Charles/Melanie)
--The Mask of Night – January 1820 (Charles/Melanie)


Update of the update:


All these books except one- random- are available under my Oyster subscription. Awesomeness.