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My plane books!

Wouldn't It Be Deadly - D.E. Ireland Another Piece of My Heart - Jane Green

I'm leaving for San Francisco for vacation tomorrow and one of the fun parts of getting ready was picking my plane/vacation books.


I picked  Wouldn't it be Deadly because it's a mystery with Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins. Um. Do I need to say more? Also, when I previewed the first chapter it read just like I wanted to - moody,pretentious Henry and resourceful, spunky Eliza. 


Another Piece of my Heart just sucked me in with the story. I got it at a Friends of the Library sale for a quarter. One of those books you pick up to glance at the first chapter to read what it's about, realize you've read more than a few pages and that you just have to buy it already. I really liked Jane Green's Jemima J, hopefully this one is just as good.


I have back up books on my Nook of course - more than a few actually cuz no way can I run out of books! But these two are my main picks. I feel like vacations need fresh books you read just on vacation. I'll pick back up with my current reads when I get back. :)